Besides our Welsh pony Dandy, we keep goats, chickens and cats, who are happy to be petted, taken for a walk or fed with an extra portion of delicious herbs.

How many eggs can we collect today? Did Dandy eat his cereals already?

We invite you to help out in our farm. Cleaning the horse stable, feeding chicken, petting the goats or watering the fruits in the garden. Busy little farmers may even recieve our “farmer’s diploma” at the end of their holidays.

You prefer to watch what is going on? Take a seat in front of our house – which is the favorite meeting point of your guests. People like to do handcrafting there, read the newspaper and simply sit together and chat.

Let your soul hang loose. On our farm you’ll find a big fruit orchard, a lawn for sunbathing, a BBQ spot and a playground with ping pong table.

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